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Aunt Jo

Thanks so much for the great blog. I just love reading about your family. Wish we could see you more often.


The kids look and sound wonderful, and I am glad the grandparents are there to help! I was a big doll girl growing up too. the kids are so good looking; I know you and jeff work hard but you are great parents! loving you all always...anne

Mom and Dad Niehaus

Thanks for the blog. We know it takes up a lot of your precious I-don't -have-enough-hours-in-the-day time. Hope you know we cherish each blog. They are bitter/sweet. We LOVE seeing the photos and hearing about the four of you, yet we also are aware of how much we are missing.
Thanks again for sharing! Hugs and love to each of you.


Gosh how they are growing, beautiful kids,babies no more. Just love seeing their photos. Still miss them. Think of them every day as we see a young lad called Adam around 13 that has a routine where he comes and climbs the bank in front of our house, for an hour or so. Now get a wave and a smile from him. You should be a writer Jayne. I hope you keep all these renderings. Hugs to you all.xx

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